Minty fresh with Freshmeltz at the LPMITA 2019

To travel is to truly live. A heavily stamped passport, a backpack full of clothes, a camera  and a head full of experiences, that my friend, is a life lived well. Every year Lonely Planet Magazine India celebrates the best in the travel industry. Recognizing people who make it possible and comfortable, the LPMITA 2019 was a gathering filled with adventure. 

Adding some freshness in it, Freshmeltz got some eminent names from the world of travel and glamour to strike a pose for them. Making sure you stay minty fresh for the lens and strike your best smile, Freshmeltz spread some cooling love on the red carpet of LPMITA 2019. 

Just like travel is your cooler for the soul, freshmeltz handles your oral hygiene while you trot the globe. We believe that Freshmeltz should always be your companion so that your oral health and hygeine is never affected in any manner. Once you learn about all the benefits that this product comprises of, we’re sure that you will feel the same. So what are you waiting for? Bid a farewell to oral health problems by clicking here

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